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Wish wardrobe consulting is a Los Angeles company that offers wardrobe consultation, fashion and shopping advice, image consultant services, color analysis and look book services. We can teach you how to buy basics, accessories, seasonal and special occasion items. A wardrobe consultant is "independent" in that they are not employed by any retail store. Therefore a wardrobe consultant can shop anywhere with you to help find the best fit, quality and priced items for your taste and budget. A wardrobe consultant: - conducts in depth consultations to understand your fashion needs and lifestyle - does a scientific color analysis to identify a precise color palette matched to your skin tone - analyzes and organizes your closet so that you can fully utilize your current wardrobe - shops with you to teach you how to buy basics, accessories, seasonal and special occasion items - creates a "look book" of coordinated outfits to help maximize new purchases with what you already own. A stylist works with people in the public eye and dresses them for specific appearances. Stylists dress their clients for events but do not help them organize or manage their wardrobes. A personal shopper is someone you call to shop for you. Usually when you need a particular item or accessory. The client tells the personal shopper what to buy whereas a wardrobe consultant collaborates with the client. An image consultant advises you on your overall presentation. Image consultants usually do not shop with clients or conduct closet analyses like a wardrobe consultant. Working with a wardrobe consultant will help you look and feel great while saving time and money. After you have had your consultations and closet organized a wardrobe consultant has an intimate knowledge of you, your current wardrobe and existing needs. With this information, as well as knowing your best colors, a wardrobe consultant will help you make the right purchasing decisions. As a fashion advisor, a wardrobe consultant knows how to dress all body shapes and sizes in the right attire for every occasion. A wardrobe consultant is also a fashion resource who researches trends and incorporates new looks into your wardrobe appropriately. By working with a wardrobe consultant you will gain confidence that when getting dressed you are putting on a stylish, individualized and perfectly coordinated outfit from head to toe. I work with both women and men age 16 and above. My clients come from various professional backgrounds as well as different personal stages in their lives. All clients are active participants in this collaborative and educational process. WISH clients value honesty and are open to trying new things. As a client of WISH wardrobe consulting you are ready for and committed to change. Clients understand that updating their wardrobe, image and style is not done by changing who you are but by enhancing and bringing out the very best you. Clients work with a wardrobe consultant for a variety of reasons. Often people have experienced a life changing event such as a new job, divorce or major weight loss and need a new or updated look. In other cases people need help organizing their closet or coordinating outfits. Many times there is a special occasion that calls for a new outfit that must be perfect. Answer yes or no to the following questions. - Have you ever stood in front of your closet and thought, "I have nothing to wear." - Do you have items of clothing in your closet with the price tags still on them? - When you look in your closet are the majority of your clothes the color black? - Do you have clothing that you have not worn in over a year? - Have you ever declined an interview, date or invitation to an event If you answered yes to 3 or more questions WISH wardrobe consulting can help. Contact Julia with your wardrobe, image or style needs.